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  • At first glance, his work may seem a bit rudimentary but you absolutely need to look closer. Turn the pieces around in your hands, look closely at the precisely wound cord or wire wrap, check the back of his sheaths for the same perfection displayed on the fronts or Examing the nooks and crannies of the knives and you quickly find that everything is right, tight and serves a purpose.

    Now add that attention to detail to his kind, genuine nature and you receive some of the best hands-on instruction I have had in my 53 years on this planet. He ranks on par with some of the best military instructors I’ve had and blows the college profs out of the water. I walked in a novice to smithing and a long-time leather hobbyist. I am walking away from Rick’s course utterly aghast at the breadth of his experience and knowledge and in awe of his attention to detail.

    I highly recommend Wildertools as a place to get your custom blades, tools and accoutrements. Better yet it’s the perfect place to learn how to make your own.

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