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  • I cannot express enough how amazed my other half and I are with the Engagement Sword that Bob crafted for us. It’s truly a work of art, exceeding all our expectations. From the intricate detailing to the flawless construction, every aspect of the sword is simply stunning.However, I must confess, in my excitement, I managed to accidentally nick my finger on the blade, resulting in a few unexpected stitches. But let me assure you, it was worth every stitch! It’s a testament to the impeccable quality and sharpness of Bob’s craftsmanship.I want to personally thank Bob for his dedication, expertise, and patience throughout the entire process. He truly went above and beyond to make our dream a reality. Bob, you’re a legend! Thank you for creating such a remarkable symbol of our love and commitment.

  • Great guy to deal with Delivered exactly what was agreed upon, quickly, and for what I would say was a reasonable price.

  • Bob is absolutely fantastic to deal with and a master craftsman, truly awe-inspiring work.
    Thank you for the amazing work, it’s an item I know me and my wife will cherish forever.


  • A+ shop. Literally the best blacksmith I have ever dealt with. The experience of working with Bob at Solar Storm to consult with, design and see my blade and axe come to life was second to none. His professionalism, constant communication and commitment to perfection is refreshing and reassuring that you will get the best quality product. My knife in particular is the nicest knife I have ever held in my hand. Period. The level of artistry that Bob puts into his work is phenomenal. It’s not just looks either. Bob make real tools. The sharpness, weight, and BALANCE of his blades are phenomenal. Not to mention all the great leather work too! I can’t believe the quality he puts into his sheaths. 100% would recommend Solar Storm to anyone. I plan to go to Solar Storm for all my black smithing needs for as long as they remain in business.

  • I had the pleasure of seeing the “venom” knife online and was quickly drawn to it. I message Bob
    and asked if it was still available and he quickly responded yes. 6 days later it arrived in the mail and it is absolutely a stunning piece of craftsmanship such a beautiful knife, I was blown away, the pictures didn’t do it justice. Bob was an absolute pleasure to talk to and I’ve already commissioned a third knife from him. I’m very very happy with my new knives.

  • Amazing look and feel, with even a better utility.
    Broke open a deers ribcage without a problem, hacked through the knuckle joints, and still skinned the deer after easily.
    After a quick polish after all that it diced the meat for a grinder, and is ready to go for spring bear.
    I absolutely love it, and it is nice to have a knife that one can have pride in.


  • Bob is so great to work with, and considerate of his customer’s requests. With his great knowledge, warm personality and creative input, he brings his customer’s dreams to reality. I love how he sends progress photos, and the end product is always worth the wait, and the price. Thanks Bob!

  • The workmanship is great and Bob makes the whole experience feel like a story being written for the final product! Definitely recommend this smith!

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